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  • Dean Talley

The Power of Choice CHAPTER TWO

In the year 1984, during my senior year at Lee's Summit high school, a suburb of Kansas City, I found myself embroiled in a disagreement with my parents regarding the direction of my life. This led me to venture out into the real world and kickstart my career in sales at the young age of 18. Over the next five years, I fully immersed myself in learning the art of sales, leading to setting numerous records and receiving accolades from management.

Indeed, pondering over the past decade and envisioning the future can be a powerful exercise. The ability to make choices stands as one of the most potent gifts we are given. The decisions we make today form the bedrock of our future. Contemplating some of the choices made in the past, it becomes evident that our decisions, both good and bad, shape the course of our lives. The passage of time waits for no one. Whether one is thriving, struggling, or merely surviving, the years pass by swiftly. It's crucial to scrutinize the decisions made today, as they are the architects of what the next ten years shall unveil.

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